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BIOMASS & SUSTAINABLE LIVING being presented at the Home Show 2021 Rochester MN

Biomass and sustainable living will be presented Saturday | April 10th, 2021 | 01:00 - 01:45p at the Rochester Minnesota HOME SHOW 2021 a Rochester Area Builders/Members EVENT!


#Biomass #SustainableLiving #UltimateOutdoorFurnace


Biomass furnaces allow sustainable living using forest waste and leave a carbon-neutral footprint. Live off the grid with heat, hot water, and char as a bi-product, for less than 170 watts.

Biomass is truly renewable and you don't have to put up with smoky furnaces. With biomass, you are in charge (not the weather or utility companies).

Come and learn how to save energy and money.

Be green and save green with a 26% Federal tax credit.


#RochesterMN #HomeShow2021 #LesRadcliffe

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