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Ultimate Outdoor Furnace EVENT HAPPENING NOW at the STEELE County Free Fair Owatonna MN

Welcome to Steele County Free Fair Owatonna, MN Aug 13-18, 2019

Interested in unlimited heat and hot water this winter with the use of "WOOD"– The most ignored renewable energy resource? The Ultimate Outdoor Furnace "POLAR G-CLASS" wood boiler and furnaces can be adapted to operate on less than 165 watts total electricity usage. The time to plan is now! Learn more about these high tech low cost heating solutions for home, farm, or business. Get your questions answered by #UltimateOutdoorFurnace experts.

Join Us for the 2019 #UltimateEvents including the #SteeleCountyFreeFair Explore these #RenewableEnergyResources and discover the possibilities and "LET POLAR FURNACE BE A PART OF YOUR CARBON NEUTRAL FOOTPRINT" with Ultimate Outdoor Wood G-Class Furnaces by Polar. Learn about the cordwood furnace "Polar G-Class EPA-2020 Certification"!

Event Schedule

Les Radcliffe features polar Furnace and Portage And Main furnaces at the Steele County Free Fair
Steele County Free Fair Event With Ultimate Outdoor Furnace

This #UltimateOutdoorFurnaceEvent is happening August 13-18 2019. We are always happy to answer any questions about our alternative heat source industry and what you can expect to satisfy your needs and maximize your efficiencies with the abundance of dead, dying and fallen trees. These trees (wood) are one nature's original renewable energies.

With Earth Day behind us it seems wood gets ignored as a renewable energy. Wood with the POLAR FURNACE technology of today does not even smoke in our Burn! That is right. With the POLAR G-Class Furnace the smoke is burned in a secondary chamber to release the finest heat contained. If you see smoke in the burning process it is wasted energy... LEARN MORE

Wood is Carbon Neutral, weather you choose to burn it or let it decompose the same amount of carbon dioxide is released, so with this in mind why not join in to help our environment and your financial bottom line. Burn wood not fossil fuels, FYI, wood is renewable and fossil fuels are not.

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