ULTIMATE - Introduces POLAR Outdoor GASIFICATION Wood Furnaces G-CLASS

Indoor or Outdoor Installation

G-Class heaters are safety tested  and EPA certified for outdoor as well as indoor installation and these Gasification Wood Furnaces are well suited for both locations and have an industry leading warranty

New EPA regulation bans sale of conventional updraft models for use in residential heating throughout the USA and now only EPA certified products like the G-Class Wood Furnace by Polar Furnace can be sold.


Gasification Furnaces by POLAR


Product Information


The Polar Furnace G-Class Products are extremely clean burning outdoor wood furnaces with emissions as low as 1.96 grams per hour and efficiency over 86%. The Polar Furnace G-Class outdoor furnaces are among the cleanest and most efficient solid fuel burning furnaces on the market today. G-Class heaters will burn up to 60% less wood compared to conventional outdoor wood furnaces. 


The G-Class furnace includes many features which make these products extremely easy to maintain and clean, very simple to operate and safer than comparable products. Explore some of these features below:




EPA Certified

The G-Class outdoor furnaces are EPA certified as of May 15, 2015. This means they can be sold throughout Canada and USA including those states and provinces that have regulations requiring that outdoor furnaces are EPA certified. Meeting EPA certification requirements signals very complete combustion and high overall operational efficiency. The G-Class heaters burn up to 60% less wood when compared to conventional outdoor wood furnaces.




These gasification wood furnaces are safety tested and meet all stringent testing for certified EPA standards. The G-CLASS is your most efficient furnace by polar in the market place.


download the brochure for detailed specs below:

G-Class Gasification
Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Innovation, Ease of use, Reliability, Highest Quality Workmanship. Safety. EPA Rated for Residential, Farm and Business.
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Our high standard line of Agricultural and Commercial Business Outdoor Wood Furnaces.
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MORE Real Warranty

15 Year Warranty on Every G-Class furnace ships with the Polar Furnace 15 year limited warranty which provides more real warranty coverage than most other warranties on similar products. For example, our warranty includes 100% coverage against leaks if a G-Class needs to be repaired or replaced in the first 4 years.



Safety Certifications


G-Class Heaters are safe and easy to use and are certified to the most recent CSA and UL safety standards.

See the specs and detailed technical data on the G-CLASS POLAR