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Understanding The Polar Furnace Combustion Process

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

This is exactly what happens at the heart of every G-CLASS Furnace inside the VOR-TECH combustion chamber. Preheated secondary air (oxygen) is mixed with the hot unburned smoke and gases (fuel) as they flow down into the VOR-TECH chamber from the primary chamber above.

All Fire, No Smoke with the POLAR G-CLASS Furnace

Incoming Gas Flow...

The incoming gas flow is angled to encourage a swirling vortex inside the cylindrical chamber. The resulting 1700 - 2000°F vortex mixes the unburned smoke with the preheated secondary air and the results are truly amazing. Combustion efficiency reaches 99.5%. This means that every piece of wood and all the smoke and gases are burned. Every BTU of energy stored inside the firewood is released from the wood and becomes available to transfer into the water jacket to heat your home or shop or anything else that requires heat.

The G-CLASS POLAR Outdoor Furnace Vor-Tech Combustion chamber burns 99.5% efficiency meaning a hot burn with very little waste resulting in all fire no smoke!

VOR-TECH Combustion Chamber
of the G-Class Furnace

Wood heats up to approximately 212F, evaporating the moisture from the wood. There is no heating from the wood at this time.

Near 575F, wood solids start to break down converting the fuel gases.

From 575F to 1100F, the main energy in the wood is released when fuel vapors containing 40% to 60% of the energy, burn.

After evaporating the moisture and burning the fuel vapors, only charcoal remains, burning at temperatures higher than 1100F.

In the Vor-Tech Chamber the burn effeciency is 99.5%. ALL FIRE NO SMOKE!

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