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Burning wood today is now cleaner, easier and more reliable than ever before while continuing to meet and exceed existing and upcoming 2020 EPA regulatory requirements. The industry continues to advance for the betterment of sustaining and improving our environment with friendly #AlternativeHeatingSolutions with the use of wood the most forgotten #RenewableEnergyResource on the planet.

When considering a wood burning furnace you deserve the very bust and when it comes to maximizing efficiency "POLAR FURNACE" is the furnace to buy!
Are you considering a wood burning furnace, then don't you think you deserve the very best?


#WhyBurnWood? As a renewable energy resource burning wood today is now cleaner, easier, and more reliable than ever before while meeting EPA regulatory requirements. Our Ultimate Outdoor Furnace POLAR G-CLASS FURNACES have meet requirements since 2015 with our G2-PLUS already meeting 2020 EPA requirements. The Polar Furnace is turning heads, and raising eye brows, making the most forgotten renewable energy resource "WOOD" more popular.




Growing wood uses the same amount of CO2 as decaying wood.

Let Polar Furnace be part of you Carbon Neutral Footprint! Let us show you how.


Polar G-Class outdoor wood furnaces are the best on the market with features that are just not found on other wood furnaces that make it easier, cleaner, and more reliable when it comes to burning seasoned cord wood
So Why Burn Wood, The most Forgotten Renewable Energy Resource?

Let's talk "ALL FIRE NO SMOKE!" Literally... we all want all the best features every outdoor wood furnace should have! Right. So lets cut to the chase and in these upcoming news posts we have a goal to educate you about the alternative energy industry like; Burning Wood Is " #CarbonNeutral, #CleanWoodHeat, #SustainableWoodHeat, #ReliableWoodHeat, #ResponsibleWoodHeat, and #AccessibleWoodHeat, and other favorite descriptive terms like Economical, Clean, and Easy". See demonstrations, instructional videos that will aid you in best understanding cost saving tips and how to maximize your efficiencies with wood burning, installation videos and more...


We will cover these topics and many more as we get into the prime of our heating season in Canada and the United States. Learn about #AlternateWoodHeat and #SubscribeForUltimateOutdoorFurnaceUpdates sign up now to stay informed.


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