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Your Nationwide Dealer For Polar Furnace / Portage & Main

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More Innovation and Expertise for Alternative Heating Needs


The range of products offered by Ultimate Outdoor Furnace includes Ultimizer wood and coal models, auto-feed coal/pellet burners, automated wood chip burning systems and a line of EPA approved gasification boilers. 

Les Radcliffe does the homework for you in Bio-mass innovative technologies in sustainable living and heating efficiencies for today's alternative heating needs with a minimal environmental footprint.

Polar Furnace G-2 Plus 2020 EPA certified
Polar G2-Plus is since 2015 EPA Certifies, and 2020 EPA Certified

When you want the best in outdoor wood furnaces, count on Ultimate Outdoor Furnace to find the right one for your wood, coal, or pellet burning needs

The newer technology available today from Polar Furnace and Portage & Main makes outdoor wood furnaces easy to burn wood, coal, and pellets, and more comfortable to operate. Ultimate Outdoor Furnace offers a range of products including wood and coal models, auto-feed coal and pellet burners, automated wood chip burning systems and a line of EPA-approved gasification boilers. With our furnaces, you get innovation and expertise for your alternative heating needs:


• You will use less than half the wood that you would use with a traditional furnace.

• You can heat multiple buildings with just one furnace.

• You no longer have to haul wood to the house or endure wood smoke in your house.

• You can reduce or eliminate fuel oil, gas, and electric bills.


With all the features and options between these two wood furnace product lines, I’m confident you’ll find the right outdoor wood furnace for your home, farm, or business. I did! Read my story.


POLAR FURNACE Residential Outdoor Wood Furnace Solutions


Provide continuous heat to maintain a comfortable home and unlimited

hot water. 

POLAR FURNACE Agricultural Outdoor Wood Furnace Solutions


 Supply heat to multiple buildings, including workshops, barns, and green houses. 

Polar Furnace Alturnative Heating Solutions for Commercial Applications


 Lower your heating bill, so you can invest in increasing your profits.

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POLAR FURNACE G-Class Gasification Combustion Systems G2-Plus 2020 EPA Certified
Outdoor wood furnace solutions from
Polar Furnace and Portage & Main


Our wood furnaces are designed for installation outdoors to deliver wood heat indoors for home, farm, and commercial use. They are heavily insulated against cold, bitter winters and are carefully designed to keep rain and snow from getting inside the heater.

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